About Us

Peninsula Flyers is a Youth Cross Country and Track & Field Organization founded by Coach, Michael Davidson in 2013 and which received its 501(3)(c) status in 2015.  Its purpose is to create an environment that allows each member of our team the opportunity to develop their greatest potential. Each child is encouraged to set and achieve their desired goals in an environment of knowledgeable instruction, positive support and focused feedback.  We seek to impart the knowledge that track doesn’t just make you fit, it demonstrates that hard work yields improvement and strong, long-term results.


We work with youth ages 5-17 who love to participate in long distance running, sprints, and field events. Children of all experience levels are welcome! We encourage teamwork and workouts are always fun.

Since we are both a Cross Country as well as Track and Field team.  This means we compete almost year round and our competition locations will vary between local (Bay Area wide) and out of state for both disciplines.  Most competitions will take place on weekends.  There may be some specialty meets that occur on a weekday.

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Our staff bring an enormous amount of talent and expertise to their coaching.  Their experience  which was initiated at very young ages, continued through college.  Now, they look to instill the same life-long passion they have for the sport into this generation of young “Flyers” to help them grow their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of community with their teammates and their family.  Please see our coaches page for more information.


Our athletes compete in track and field events during Spring and Summer.  The meets we attend are USA Track and Field (USATF) sanctioned meets and offer most track, field, and race walking events.  The meets generally take place on the weekends (Saturday, Sunday or both).  Our kids are welcomed and encouraged to try multiple events during their time with the club, including sprints, distance runs, hurdles, throws, and jumps.

We are also a Cross-Country club and compete in USATF sanctioned cross-country meets during Fall and Winter.  These meets are typically on Sundays.

Both the track and cross-country meets are held in venues throughout Northern California, most in the Greater Bay Area.  The meets are generally between one and two days. Our schedule is communicated well in advance of the meets, to allow adequate time for planning schedules and, if necessary, accommodations.  For more information, see the Spring 2016 Competition schedule.


There are diverse athletes who participate in everything from 100m sprints to 300m runs, hurdles, throws, and jumps.  Some of the kids have been training with Peninsula Flyers for several years and our team continues to grow.  All are welcome!

We are also excited to have a wonderful parent group and encourage parents to take an active role in club activities. For more information on how you can become involved, please go to our Volunteer page.


The Peninsula Flyers Youth Track and Field Club is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization #36-4803889.